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Natural Stone Fireplaces – When building a fireplace, many owners are attracted to natural stone as a building material due to the natural feeling that lends itself to the decoration of any room. Stone is also a versatile material for fireplace construction since it can be used to achieve several different styles depending on the type of natural stone that is used. If you want to use natural stone for your fireplace, consider your budget and the mood you want the environment as a whole to evoke.

Many homeowners enjoy the look of natural stone fireplaces but are not so interested in the high price tag. If you are interested in adding a stone fireplace to your home but are concerned about the cost, consider the natural stone veneer instead. Stone siding is made of thin pieces of natural stone, so it is not as heavy or thick as real stones. However, like natural stones, it is fire resistant and does not fade or chip easily, making it ideal for use in a fireplace.

Due to its thinness, stone veneer can be applied over the brick and still mimic the appearance of solid natural stone fireplaces. For a natural stone fireplace that looks rugged, worn, consider using river rocks to build your mantle. This style of natural stone fireplace is ideal for a living room or bedroom that has a more rustic design and adds a lot of characters.

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