Whitewash Brick Fireplace Ideas

System Whitewash Brick Fireplace

Whitewash brick fireplace – A fireplace is often the focus of a room. If your fireplace makes the room look dated, paint the bricks will give it a facelift and brighter space. The painting process is timely and time consuming, but the end result will be worth the effort you put in. Before you begin, check the brand codes before you find yourself and make sure the color of your product is safe for a fireplace. Then you’re on your way to a new look for your living room.

Choose your color

Whitewash brick fireplace can match the walls or may be an accent color Depending on the appearance you want. Paint the blocks in the same color as the walls give the opportunity to paint the mantle and woodwork to match the woodwork in the room. To add a splash of color to your room, choose bright accent paint for the fireplace. Removing paint from bricks is no easy task because bricks are porous and absorb color. So, when painted, your choice is to paint if you are not happy with color choices.


Apply a latex primer to brick surface of whitewash brick fireplace with a large, thick brush. Most tiles are rough with lots of angles and twists. A thick brush end up in these openings, but may require some effort on your part. Apply a second layer of primer, if necessary, to completely cover the bricks. Once the primer has dried, you are ready to start applying color. Apply 01:59 layer color with a semi-gloss latex paint.

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