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3 Sided Fireplace – A fireplace brings warmth and visual interest to space and a three-sided fireplace adds even more appeal, as it can be experienced from different points of view in a room. While a three-sided fireplace certainly stands out on its own, finishing the walls around it will make this architectural feature stand out even more. Finish the walls with materials that suit your taste to make the fireplace a focal point that you enjoy contemplating.

Complete the walls with metal to create a modern look. Install sheets of stainless steel, copper or corrugated steel to create an elegant and industrial appearance. Installation of brickwork around the chimney. Bricks come in a variety of colors, including red and brown, and create a traditional look for a 3 sided fireplace. To install exposed bricks, use a notched trowel to cover the areas you wish to cover with the mortar and allow the mortar to dry.

Finish a 3 sided fireplace with the stone plates. Stone comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, such as rounded river stones and slate like flat pieces. Stone veneers are similar to tiles, so a lighter and easier to install alternative to natural stones. The installation of stone plates is similar to that of brick veneers. Apply the mortar to the surface of the chimney with a notched trowel.

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