Art Above Fireplace Decorative Option

Art Above Fireplace Option

Art Above Fireplace – Traditionally, the chimneys of the halls have been decorated, on the upper part, with paintings to reinforce their presence within the room. Who could afford it, placed a painting of a famous artist, as a symbol of social status. For that reason in the collective imaginary the chimneys go, many times, linked to great halls and works of art. Today, in the XXI century, the rules have changed and with them the way of presenting both chimneys and works of art.

Now originality, functionality and imagination prevail when creating spaces, giving rise to endless combinations. The idea was to break with the original position of a painting on the art above fireplace, turning the fireplace itself into the canvas on which to paint the painting. The chimney has a large modulus of plasterboard, which is the surface that the artist used as a canvas. In addition, we wanted to reinforce its presence within the room by placing two light bars on the lateral projections of the module, thus creating a feeling of volume.

This is just one example of combining art above fireplace, giving them a new function but, with talent and imagination, the combinations can be endless. Such is the case that concerns us, in which we installed a chimney to an important businessman. It is a wood burning fireplace, panoramic, Karl-Fire brand, model Heat Pure 120, guillotine (the opening of the glass is vertical) and has no frame.

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