Awesome Material Cultured Stone Fireplace

Popular Stone For Fireplace Stone

Cultured Stone Fireplace – Brick is the most common material for the fireplace surrounds. It can easily stain from the smoke or soot and make the whole structure that appears in poor condition. Even if your brick fireplace is clean, you may feel that it looks a little outdated. There are many options for finishing your fireplace instead of replacing it that requires a lot of knowledge. One of the most timeless and natural is to use the cultivated stone to cover the old brick.

Locate and remove any broken or loose bricks by hand. Cut the wire mesh lining with wire scissors to fit all the bricks, leaving a 1-inch border without covering all the way around. Place the liner on the brick ledge with masonry nails. Create a template of the cardboard ledge. Place the template on a flat surface and place the cultured stone fireplace on it until you achieve a pattern that you like adjusted and efficient.

Number the back of each stone with a pencil if you need to remember the pattern. Mark any cultured stone fireplace that needs to be cut and then score a diamond-tipped saw and break along the drill with a mason’s hammer. Empty a bag of mortar into a mortar container. Slowly add water in the mortar with a trowel until the consistency is uniform and resembles cake dough. Continue the grouting and the placement of the stones.

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