Benefits Of Using Stone Fireplace Mantels

Corner Stone Fireplace Mantels

Benefits Of Using Stone Fireplace Mantels – Most people choose stone as a fireplace building material and then later on opt for a wooden mantel piece. To be sure, the combination of wood and stone adds beauty to any home. What many people do not realize is that stone fireplace mantels also add beauty to the home! There is no rule that says you cannot choose a stone-based mantel instead of a wooden one. Here are the benefits of using stone instead of wood in your home:

Stone is the safest material that you can use for building your fireplace. It stands to reason then, that it is also the safest material from which you can build your mantelpiece! Stone fireplace mantels are usually three sided fixtures that include a wide piece that sits on two “legs” This is the safest form of mantel because the home owner does not have to worry about how well the wall will hold the weight of the heavy stone.

The added security of the stone fireplace mantels‘ “legs” are also one of the elements of its elegance. The three sides cozy up to the fireplace itself and add an air of austerity to any home decor. To be sure, these types of stone mantels have signified wealth and opulence since the sixteenth century! While stone is beautiful enough when it is left alone and displayed in its natural state, it also lends itself nicely to an individual’s personal style. It can be painted in any color, with any type of paint or stain. Homeowners love being able to personalize their mantelpieces with any look they wish. There are many benefits to choosing stone fireplace mantels for your home.

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