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Fireplace TV mount – Mounting a TV set over a corner fireplace can be safer than mounting one over a standard fireplace because most corner fireplaces are electric or vent less gas. This means you do not have to worry about damaging a drain over and behind the wall. When you are sure that you have a vent less fireplace, focus on mounting the television in the corner in a way that can accommodate the fireplace downstairs.

Measure the room over the fireplace and determine the best location for the fireplace TV mount. This may vary, but it should be high enough that the TV is not damaged from the fireplace heat and can be seen comfortably from 10 meters away. Find in the wall of the wall where the TV mount will be connected. You can do this by knocking and listening to the echo sound inside the walls, but an electronic stud finder will work better.

Secure the fireplace TV mount to the wall with a drill bit and bit and mount screws. Make sure most people, if not everyone, enter a wall stud. Remove the bolts / screws on the back of the TV using a wrench / screwdriver. These bolts / screws typically indicate where the mounting holes of the TV are hidden. Connect the TV to mount using the set of four mounting holes and the holes in the bracket. This may require mounting screws supplied with mount or those that were included with the TV. Adjust the position of the holder using its swivel chair until the TV is at the preferred angle.

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