Build Pizza Oven Fireplace Design Style

Pizza Oven Fireplace Kitchen

Pizza Oven Fireplace – Over the years, a tradition has been growing among architecture: the communal construction of a pizza oven. To help maintain this tradition, we decided to put together a small guide for the manufacture of a 1.20 m diameter toaster oven. Find below some tips to build yours. The bricks of the base where the pizza is located should be set at 45 degrees with respect to the mouth of the oven.

This reduces the possibility of interfering with the handling and movement of the metal tray on which the pizza is placed. Although it is not mandatory and can make the project more expensive, refractory bricks can be used here. With the brand of the pizza oven fireplace ready and the shape of the mouth positioned, you can start putting the rows of bricks together with the earth mass, always starting from the mouth.

The first row is parallel to the base, the next row must follow the inclination proposed by the compass we use to trace the diameter of the pizza oven fireplace. After the fourth row you will notice that the bricks will no longer be perfectly aligned. You can break them and use the halves so that you do not overlap much between the rows and do not damage the strength of the structure. From the sixth row, more or less, leave a space to put a chimney in the back of the oven (not just behind, a little to the side).

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