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Contemporary Gas Fireplace Energy

Contemporary Gas Fireplace – The chimneys have been one of the most used heating systems since the origin of the concept of housing for men. Over the years its use has been limited thanks to the birth of newer air conditioning systems and more economical origin, but some years ago that the chimneys are having a ‘revival’ moment thanks to the use of gas as a source of energy in its design. The warmth and comfort offered by the vision of fire in living rooms or other spaces of a home, make the use of gas fireplaces is in full expansion.

It is important to assess the ease offered by the contemporary gas fireplace to be installed in existing devices, so in the case of renovations of spaces, you just have to find the box with the appropriate measure to the needs of the project, facilitating its installation and saving in the implementation of a new conduit system. Another advantage is the ability to regulate with a remote control the intensity of the flame you want.

In order to install a contemporary gas fireplace, it is necessary that it has a connection to a source of natural gas to a propane source for its operation. Contemporary design is defined by bright colors and straight lines with few sculptural elements. You can create a neat contemporary design for your fireplace with beautiful chimney crystals, an independent glass wall or with colorful glass beads that fell from the face of a white fireplace wall.

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