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Antique fireplace mantels have the advantage of providing more space than traditional fireplace mantels. Nevertheless, the rules for decorating a fireplace mantle remain the same. Avoid placing a TV on top of your stove and instead follow the steps below to make your corner fireplace mantle an elegant focal point in your room.


How to decorate antique fireplace mantels. Balance the jacket. If you put a large entry at one end, put a grouping of comparable size on the other. While the two groups do not need to be the same height, they should both have the same visual effect. Create a theme. For example, put several black and white photos on the robe, along with white candle holders in black holder. Add lights. Small white Christmas lights need not be limited to Christmas and add a cozy feeling to the stove even when there is no fire.

Create height. Antique fireplace mantels are difficult to decorate because a mirror or image that cannot hang in the space under the cloak. An alternative is to tilt the mirror or image against one of the sidewalls. A better choice is to add height to the space by placing a high point in the center of the mantle, such as an abstract sculpture or a large vase. Repeat your design. Place the same or similar objects at the same distance from each other, as multiple ceramic bowls over the jacket. If you do, it gives cohesion to your design and works well for small rooms because of the simple type of look.

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