Covering Brick Fireplace With Painting Option

Ideas For Covering Brick Fireplaces

Covering Brick Fireplace – If you are looking to rebuild your fireplace, but have reservations about planning covering all the original bricks, apply a simple treatment. Many white-washed recipes are available to brighten your chimney with a new look, full of energy while retaining a traditional atmosphere. You can create an easy lime solution by combining water and paint. Clean the outside of the chimney by cleaning the bricks with a clean, dry cloth to remove any cobwebs, soot or other loose debris.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attached to clean the bricks of the chimney. Mix the lime solution by combining an equal part of white paint and water in an empty bucket. To hide accent permeable bricks with a more opaque covering brick fireplace, add a little more paint to the lime mixture and use a brush to a small inconspicuous fireplace area to see the results.

Brush the lime on the blocks with a brush. You can choose to roll the paint on the covering brick fireplace with a roller, but the roller will allow you to apply paint less lime at a time so you can customize the design of the brick. Apply the lime treatment to a few bricks at a time. Apply lime sparingly to begin so you can still see a good amount of the original brick through the lime layer.

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