Diy Fireplace Makeover Living Room Decoration

Ideas For Covering Brick Fireplaces Image

Diy Fireplace Makeover – Nothing comes out with a living room or living room that a ‘future 70’ fireplace. dark brick and surrounding panels or shelves attention draw for the age of decoration. There are several simple ways to perform on that old fireplace and completely change the character of the room. A makeover fireplace will not break your budget, either. All you need is an afternoon and a bit of creativity to transform that old fireplace into a focal point of your site one that matches your current decor.

A cost-effective way to update your fireplace is to paint bricks with brick chimney paint. No special paint is required and you will have a quick diy fireplace makeover that will enhance the fireplace and blend into the decoration of the room. Another simple but effective way to give your fireplace a quick makeover is to customize by changing the elements on the mantel or adding a large picture or mirror onto the mantle.

A large mirror framed on the mantle will add depth to the room. A pair of tall chandeliers placed on the mantle will be elegant and useful on a cold winter’s night. Sometimes, the least expensive, the simplest ideas of the diy fireplace makeover are not only easy on the budget but just as creative and enjoyable as the most expensive options. A fairly easy way to change the image of your fireplace is to change the fireplace screen or fireplace doors.

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