Double Sided Fireplace Ideas

Great Double Sided Fireplace

Double sided fireplace – You want to separate two rooms while enjoying a great view of the fire of the two parts? If that’s the case, it’s the double-sided fireplace that it would build. It allows being installed anywhere in a home, for example, in the middle of a room, in a corner or inserted into a wall. In any event, the two-sided fireplace seems to be the elemental decor that fits into any modern interior.

The main role of a double sided fireplace is for separate rooms. His two glass sides offer residents the pleasure of combining different styles and enjoying two different atmospheres at once. Super decorative, such fireplace finds its place in the exclusive interior, like in a modest home. The glass of such a side fireplace allows for a perfect view of the double flame and therefore it is not surprising that it is the most important choice of interior designers. In addition, it could be decorated with an aesthetic dressing, such as stone, cortex, wood, etc.

Undoubtedly the biggest advantage of a double sided fireplace is its aesthetics. Deco element par excellence, it helps to improve any room. Its modern design fits any decor ultra modern sober and modest. As already mentioned, the double sided fireplace makes it possible to be installed everywhere. A floor model or for entry into a wall, convenience is completely undeniable. It is the ideal alternative to partitions and separates two rooms intelligently with sophistication.

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