Double Sided Gas Fireplace Modern Choice Design

Double Sided Gas Fireplace Classy

Double Sided Gas Fireplace – As the name suggests, a gas fireplace works by being connected to a natural gas supply. It is equipped with burners that produce flames within a sealed double-glazed block. It heats the cold air that enters the block thanks to a ventilation system and warm spring in your room. The models proposed today by the manufacturers make it possible to create unique atmospheres with the particular sensation that gives a chimney.

A double sided gas fireplace gives any interior a modern ambiance. This elegant fireplace offers breathtaking views of the fire on both sides while creating a subtle separation between two spaces. This type of gas fireplace is unique in its kind. Our distributors, our customers and ourselves are very excited about the double-sided fireplace and the pleasant ambiance it provides. This is why you will find in our collection different gas fireplaces offering this effect of transparency.

If you want to install a double sided gas fireplace, you almost always have to install it. It is indeed when it is integrated in a sober and elegant way, preferably at the junction point of two rooms, that the double-sided gas fireplace is best developed. It is better to entrust our specialists with the installation of your double-sided chimney because they know exactly how the recess of this type of chimney works and what is necessary to obtain a final result of all beauty.

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