Driftwood Fireplace Mantel Unique Decoration

Driftwood Fireplace Mantel Shelf

Driftwood Fireplace Mantel – A fake fireplace can give character to a place. You can fill it with candles or put a false electric fire to make it look real. One of the best things about fake fireplaces is that they are portable, they allow you to take them from one room to another or even throw them away if they are no longer used. Making a fake driftwood fireplace is a simple construction project and a good way to practice driftwood handling.

Assemble a box of 54-inch (135 cm) boards and 46-inch (115 cm) boards. The 54-inch (135 cm) boards will go on the high and low sides while the 46-inch (115 cm) boards will go on the sides. Screw the box using the 3-inch (7.5 cm) screws in each corner. You should always dig guide holes before inserting the screw, that will help prevent the driftwood fireplace mantel from falling apart. Screw the arch boards together, using two screws per corner.

Place the bow inside the box, centered horizontally in the middle of the lower board. Glue the bow to the box by screwing it through the bottom of the box and into the legs of the bow. Use two screws for each leg. Measure the height and width of the box and cut two pieces of high-quality driftwood fireplace mantel to fit. Drill a hole in one of the pieces that match the size and position of the bow.

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