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Fieldstone Fireplace – Stone cladding can be applied to any structurally firm surface properly prepared. It is not necessary to make any foundation or structural changes because the stone will become an integral part of the surface to which it is applied. Stone veneer is not heavy like real stone. The estimate of the number of stones needed: Measure the length by the height in feet to reach the square meters. Subtract square meters from the chimney opening.

For corner stones, if necessary, measure the linear feet of the surface needed to cover. of Mantel: Protect your fieldstone fireplace mantle, covering it completely with a blanket or a wrapped heavy towel and glued around it. Prepare the stone wall (this is for wood siding, dry wall or metal): Cover the area with a waterproof paper (roofing paper works well). Next, you should cover the entire surface with an expanded metal mesh.

Hold the bar tight. Place the stone: Design your stone near your work area. You can separate the stone by size, color, shape, etc. if the wishes. This will make it easier to find the stones you need during work. You can also trace a basic fieldstone fireplace pattern on the ground to see if it has a good balance of color, size, and shape. Cutting the stone: Sheet metal is easy to cut. You can use a hand grinder with a diamond blade or cut helmets. We have even used our tile cutter.

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