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Fireplace Bumper Build

Fireplace Bumper – Young children are beginning to explore the world around them, but unfortunately, they are not very safe on their feet at the moment. Sharp corners and hard objects pose a danger to young children while they are learning to walk. Stone, brick or tile fireplace hearths are often low enough to shoot a child toddling and with enough force to cause serious damage to the heads collided.

A homemade fireplace bumper pad protects the child from the standard childhood cataracts. Measure the length and width of your home with a tape measure. Add 4 inches to each measurement. Cut two pieces of fabric to the measurement of hearth adjusted with scissors. Cut a piece of 2-inch foam to the exact measurement of the chimney. Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together. Sew about three sides of the fabric, 1/4 inch from the raw edge. Leave a short side of the fabric open.

Rotate the fabric housing with the straight out through the open end. Push the corners. Insert the foam pad into the case. Fold the raw edges of the open end into the housing. Sew the open end closed on the sewing machine or by hand. Do not sew through foam padding. Place the pad on top of the fireplace. The foam cushions of any fall. Place the protective pads on the edges and corners of the fireplace. Most fireplace bumper is designed for the corners and edges of tables.

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