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Fireplace Hearth Tiles – When we make the chimney lining we have the option of tiling the sides of the siding or even the chimney hood with natural stone, prefabricated stone or with tiles for chimneys. Since there is a wide catalog of tiles to choose from with increasingly realistic imitations of natural materials. Being able to find imitation slate tiles, imitation stone tiles, oxide type tiles, a wide variety that have cheaper prices than natural stone.

These fireplace hearth tiles are also known as porcelain tiles because the hardness of these porcelain tiles can be used to place both wall and floor as they can be stepped on and their enamel is the hardest and most resistant. So if we decide to tile the chimney with tiles when we go to the tile shop to choose a model we have to ask that these be porcelain tiles.

And other adhesive cements are suitable for tiling tiles for chimneys or for tiling on top of radiant floors because they are flexible and are flexible and are able to withstand dilatations and contractions due to temperature changes produced in them due to the effect of the heat of the chimney, or by the heat of the water in the radiant floors. It is no longer that fireplace hearth tiles are not directly tiled directly to metal chimney hearths.

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