Fireplace Ideas Decoration With Stones

Fireplace Ideas Stones

Fireplace Ideas – In the middle of autumn, we began to wonder what we can do with our fireplace to give it a special touch. Natural stone is an excellent choice to cover the fireplace due to its natural qualities, resistance, and durability, as well as its elegant and cozy aesthetics. In the case of its installation, there are some issues that we must have clear before getting down to work.

When we consider covering our fireplace ideas, it is important to take into account that we must choose a material that can withstand high temperatures. In this sense, in addition to choosing the right product such as natural stone, we must also take into account how it is placed and what cement to choose to avoid risks of detachment. The natural stone is integrated into a lightweight cement base reinforced with a fiberglass mesh.

A system that provides great advantages compared to the panels without a base of support: TOTAL FIXATION: its stable parts facilitate the installation and ensure its total fixation. STABILITY: its homogeneous and rough cement base guarantees perfect adhesion. DURABILITY: its useful life is greater than other coatings. SECURITY: has passed the highest quality and safety controls for its correct installation. Slates, basalts, quartzites, limestones, and sandstones are natural products that contribute to the decoration of any fireplace ideas a modern and elegant design.

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