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Fireplace Kits – Putting a fireplace in our home is a great idea to warm our living room and make it more cozy and pleasant. In specialized stores, you can find chimney mounting kits, and although each of them is different, the assembly is always similar. First, we will trace an axis from the center of the smoke outlet to the ground to mark the central area where we will place the base for our chimney.

Once we know the space that will occupy the entire kit, we will remove the skirting board from this space so that the final assembly is completely glued to the wall. We will cut the pieces of cellular concrete to the extent that we need to make the base of the fireplace kits, for this we will use the jigsaw with the wooden blade. Once the blocks are cut, we present them and mark where they will be located, to chop the wall and in that way, the pieces will be better stuck to it.

To fix the pieces we use the glue cement and apply fireplace kits with the notched trowel, so that the pieces are better seated, with the rubber mallet we give a few light blows and in that way the cement will be better distributed. Now we place the blocks of coating with the same previous system, with greater care, since these are in sight.

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