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Fireplace Mantel Mirror Simple

Fireplace Mantel Mirror – A mirror above a stone fireplace adds a nice and decorative touch to a room. Although stone is a solid surface that most people are not familiar with installing mounting hardware, installation is basically the same process as hanging a mirror on other surfaces. Use a template to place the holes to reduce the risk of errors. Use the smallest possible masonry screw for the weight of the mirror to reduce the size of the holes in case you want to remove the mirror later and patch holes.

Determine the location of the top of the fireplace mantel mirror by holding against the stone fireplace in position. Mark the stone with a pencil or chalk so that the mark can be removed at the end of the project. Place against the back of the mirror with the top edge of the cardboard aligned with the top edge of the mirror. Secure the paper in the location of the holes for the hanging fittings.

Hold the construction paper against the stone fireplace with the top edge of the cardboard aligned with the mark for the location of the top of the fireplace mantel mirror. Level the mounting hardware if more than one screw is needed by placing a level in the two holes in the paper. Mark the stone through the holes in the cardboard with a marker or chalk.

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