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Fireplace Mantel Shelves – Autumn offers a lot of color ideas and materials for creative hobbies. And the decorating ideas for Halloween are so abundant and remarkable. Make real eye-catchers and use them as a nice or scary Halloween decoration to highlight well on the mantel of the fireplace. A garland of black paper bats is an excellent idea for decorating the fireplace. Especially, if we add a graphic image of a real bat. The ultimate Halloween decoration? Pumpkin of course!

Use your favorite vases and candlesticks, add some dry leaves and some nice pumpkins or pumpkins! You have a simple and chic decoration. Fill a glass jar with small candies and make a pointed hat with a loop. That’s enough to refer to a witch who has invaded your fireplace mantel shelves, but if you want, also make the elements of the face. Put some orange fruit on a cake plate and decorate with some creepy spiders.

A decorative raven and a glass apothecary jar full of skulls complete the design perfectly. What will be the Halloween party without some little bug? Fill a glass container with Spanish moss and add a variety of spider to scare your guests. The arrangement of fireplace mantel shelves and shelves is not free but is limited by the presence of the flue.Indeed, in this project, you will notice that the library develops in an asymmetrical way.

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