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Fireplace Rock Veneer – Rock veneer, also called stone siding, is a thin layer of rock that is mounted on an existing wall or structure. Used in the lining of the home, outdoor garden decoration or inside the houses to accent chimneys, rock veneer can be an attractive and economical option instead of the actual stone. The reconstituted stone gives chimneys the appearance of being constructed of rock veneer. Made of veneer is made of aggregates and formed into molds.

Its weight is much smaller than fireplace rock veneer, it lends itself to applications that would not support the weight of natural stone. The pieces of the preformed corners make it easier for do-it-yourself homeowners to achieve a professional quality installation. The wide variety of textures and colors allow a range of options to make your fireplace a source of pride and achievement. Cover the floor surface around the fireplace with the collection clothes.

Spread another piece of cloth near the work area for the staging of the rock veneer. Place the fireplace rock veneer in the planned installation order. Mix the mortar to the consistency of the thick cake dough. Start at the top to install the rock veneer siding and work from the corner inwards. Use the masonry to apply enough mortar to the lath to cover an area of ​​two or three stones. Apply the mortar about ½ inch thick.

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