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Flagstone Fireplace Popular

Flagstone Fireplace – Flagstone is a traditional material that has been used for outdoor fireplaces for hundreds of years. Add an outdoor fireplace to your garden for the atmosphere and warmth on cool nights. Installing an outdoor fireplace is much easier than an indoor one and generally subject to fewer building codes and regulations. Be sure to check your local building codes and standards before beginning the construction of the stone slab fireplace.

Create the basis for the concrete. Remove the 8-inch lid from the floor where the stove will be built. Soil level and cover with 4 inches of added gravel. Mix the concrete following the manufacturer’s instructions or purchase pre-mixed concrete that will be delivered to your site. Install concrete based on the flagstone fireplace. Dump by the load of the wheelbarrow or have the cement company overturned on the base of the rock.

Smooth the top using a concrete paddle. Set the frame for the combustion chamber and fireplace. Use 2 x 4-inch wood to build a frame the size you want. The flagstone fireplace is the interior covering of the chimney. The box in the structure of the stove/fireplace with plywood. Also inside the combustion chamber of the plywood with fireproof brick and mortar. Install the brick using traditional brick laying techniques. Butter the bottom of brick with mortar and pestle.

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