Herringbone Fireplace Simple Treatment

Herringbone Fireplace Pattern

Herringbone Fireplace – The appliance should be completely cleaned at least before the start of the season of use, although ideally four times a year, once for each annual season. During the normal use of our wood-burning stove or our wood-burning fireplace, the flue is not damaged in any way. Cleaning must be done exclusively with the appliance cold. From this operation, a chimney sweep or chimney sweep should be ordered, which, at the same time, can carry out an inspection (it is convenient to note the date of each cleaning and make a record of them).

During the cleaning of our wood stove or wood-burning herringbone fireplace, it is necessary to remove the ash drawer, the grate and the smoke deflector from the appliance in order to favor the soot falling. Once the cleaning is finished, they will have to be replaced in their accommodation. For this operation, a chimney sweep is usually used, which consists of a spiral of steel wire or PVC fiber with the measure of the chimney pipe that we have that is screwed to a rod.

The same one goes lying by the tube of the chimney and doing the scraping of the walls of the tube so that the soot and the rests of badly burned materials fall. Regarding the cleaning of the glass of our wood herringbone fireplace or firewood, it must be done only and exclusively with the appliance in cold.

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