How To Implement Baby Proof Fireplace

Awesome Baby Proof Fireplace

Baby Proof Fireplace – The fireplace is often the center point of a lounge in a home and so lots of time could be spent here. This may be a dangerous area for young children to be around and so here are a few ideas on how to implement baby proof fireplace. First, before you can baby proof your fireplace; take note of how your baby sees the fireplace. This may require you to get onto your knees and look at it from their point of view. Take note of what could be dangerous in the view of the baby.

Make the hard edges of the fire place softer so that they are not hazards to your baby. Hearth pads can be purchased to do this. This is so your baby will not hurt themselves if they fall on the hard edges of the fireplace. Hearth guards are used to cover the entire hearth surface from young children who may be able to reach this area. These can be custom made to fit the size of your health, or can be bought a few standard sizes which perform the same task. These, used together with hearth pads are the best option when it comes to baby proof fireplace.

Lock the fireplace doors so that your baby cannot access them. This is where you should store all your fireplace needs such as fire starters and matches. It is important to keep these dangerous objects away from your baby. Door guards can also be purchased for this step if you cannot lock the doors. Installing a fireplace gate will also help you baby proof fireplace in an easier way. These are available from baby shops, along with the door guards previously mentioned. As a general guideline, keep young children away from open fires is a good plan. Sparks fly and these can create harmful burns on young skin. It is probably a better idea to introduce children to camp fires and cooking with fire when they are older than 5 years of age.

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