Indoor Outdoor Fireplace Advantage Decoration

Indoor Outdoor Fireplace Stone

Indoor Outdoor Fireplace – Custom made bioethanol fireplaces are confirmed as the most advantageous option when enjoying a warm and cozy fireplace at home, mainly because they can be installed freely in the preferred room, we will not need a smoke outlet to its operation. In the market, we will find a wide range of prefabricated chimney models, with different designs, sizes, and finishes.

The double-sided indoor outdoor fireplace is the ideal solution to separate two environments and to allow a perfect view of the fire in both spaces. Thanks to the double opening, they can be installed in the central part of a room, embedded in a wall, or even used as a link between the night zone and the day zone. In any case, the scenographic effect is assured. Thanks to the great scenographic effect offered by the double flame, two-sided chimneys are among the preferred choices of interior designers.

In addition to a design of basic and minimalist lines, ideal for any indoor environment, it offers high performance even in regard to the degree of heating. More than a mere aesthetic element, this fireplace is a very valid alternative to heat an environment or even several simultaneously. To hang on the wall. These indoor outdoor fireplace stand out from the wall (bottom of about 20 centimeters), although many of them come with the back in smaller size to be able to fit them and only the decorative frame stands out.

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