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Iron Fireplace Screen – A fireplace is either a warming, the comfortable focal point of a room or a black eyesore gaping hole. Living burning fires present a security risk and dirty, unused dirty stoves are, well, just ugly. Chimney screens are a cure for both situations. Various fuels burn at different temperatures, some hotter than others. Any chimney screen must meet fire safety standards and prevent sparks from flying around.

Fortunately, there are many iron fireplace screen ideas available to improve your home whether you use it or not. Heavy metal screens, ornate will bring a touch of old world charm to a fireplace and the entire room. Some simple metal works and multilane are supported with tempered glass or heavy screening. The masterful scrollwork on iron fireplace screen comes in a variety of finishes such as wrought iron, heat resistant black, gold or brass finish, and iron.

These screens can even be painted with heat resistant metal paints if you want lighter colors for your decor. The first step is to buy an iron fireplace screen that will suit your home opening. There are 2 types of screens that are screwed directly into the walls of the chimney with screws and which uses hand screws to mount. For the type of Hand screw, you have to fit the iron fireplace screen up to the opening and hand screw the screws into the side of the brick chimney.

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