Ledgestone Fireplace Mantelpiece Design

Ledgestone Fireplace Mountain

Ledgestone Fireplace – A stone fireplace evokes a rustic and natural feeling that is enhanced by a rustic mantelpiece. A hand-carved beam complements the style of a stone fireplace. Traditional woodworking tools and a reclaimed wood beam is all that is required to create a mantelpiece that will be a center of attention and conversation. The shelf above a fireplace is called a mantelpiece.

Many people refer to it simply as the tablecloth, but this is incorrect the fireplace includes the entire frame of the fireplace, not just the shelf at the top. Some late Victorian fireplaces also incorporate side shelves embedded in the columns next to the combustion chamber. There are houses that do not have fireplaces to be heated, but so that they are part of the decoration of the room where they are. Therefore choosing a nice design for the ledgestone fireplace will be the secret to success.

Before choosing what shelf you want for your fireplace, you must take into account the material with which it will be made, as there are some elements that will be easier to change in case they break or you want it in the future. For example, a ledgestone fireplace will be more complicated to change that if you have it in wood, for example. Stone fireplaces act as thermal mass, keeping heat from the fire and releasing little by little even after the flames are out.

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