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Metal Fireplace Mantel Custom

Metal Fireplace Mantel – To learn how to make fake decorative fireplaces you must cut metal sheets. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, you can take note of all the pieces you must have with your measurements. Ask at the nearest hardware store to cut the pieces. Also if you do not have a welding machine and oxyfuel equipment, you can rent it at a hardware store near your home. Since you are going to use metal sheets, you can make the base of the fireplace with only one sheet on the floor.

On the other hand, you can choose to make a metal fireplace mantel to make the base of the fireplace. Since you use the base, you must make sure it is level. The base must measure at least ten centimeters more than the home on each side. You could use as a measure 1.20 wide by 60 cm long. In case of using a box, make it with a height of 10 cm. With oxyfuel equipment, divide the sheet into several pieces.

You will need two rectangles one meter wide by 60 cm high. One of the rectangles must have a hole in the center. Measure your electric metal fireplace mantel and make the cut to size. Add an extra half inch on each side so that it enters correctly and without forcing it. Create the pieces of metal that will be the household drawer to hold the electric fireplace.

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