Oak Fireplace Mantel Best Material Choice

Oak Fireplace Mantel Classic

Oak Fireplace Mantel – An electric fireplace can be a separate unit that is complete with a fireplace and surround. These units are pushed up against a bare wall, plugged in and ready to use. A built-in electric fireplace box is installed in the drywall. Without a fireplace or tiles to surround the fireplace, the wall can look bare and unfinished. Mount the shelf according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place the shelf on the wall where it will be hung. Check the top of the chimney with a level.

Mark the wall on the top and sides of the fireplace with a pencil. Most have mounting studs along the back. Mounting staples are slits along the back of the mantel. A small piece of oak fireplace mantel is attached to the wall and the fixing system is placed on the oak wood. For fireplaces without a fastening system, use a router to carefully remove enough oak wood to create a 1-by-8 drain on the back of the mantelpiece.

Measure the length, width, and depth of the indentation with a tape measure. Cut a piece of wood with a handsaw to match the size of the indentation. The wall studs along the line where the mounting system 6 Marcos will be installed. Use a stud locator to locate the studs. Keep the mounting bracket on the wall so that it is aligned with the pencil marks. Insert a screw through the waste oak fireplace mantel with a drill.

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