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Outdoor Gas Fireplace Insert Kits

Outdoor Gas Fireplace Insert – Gas vents without vents operate on gas instead of wood. This allows the fireplace to provide the rustic appearance of a wood burning fireplace, but without the ashes and smoke that wood produces when it is burned. This type of fireplace has several components to ensure that the gas burns effectively without entering the room. The gas line supplies the gas to light the chimney. This line is usually located in the back of one of the sides of the chimney.

The electrician connects the outdoor gas fireplace insert line in your home to the fireplace during installation. Connects the vent connection to an external propane supply tank with an external regulator to help control the amount of gas entering the stack at any given time. The burners burn the gas that is supplied by the gas line and the propane tank. Each gas fireplace without vents has different types of burners. Some are individual burners located around the fireplace, while others are oval-shaped pipes with dozens of burning points.

Each outdoor gas fireplace insert without vents contains a blower that blows hot air through the vents above and below the chimney. The blower also sucks air from the room or outside to create the heat. The chimney sucks the oxygen out of the room, so choose one that takes in the outside air or limits the amount of time you have the fireplace burning to avoid having a low amount of oxygen in the house.

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