Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace Stove

Tuscan Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

Outdoor wood burning fireplace – Wood burning stoves, commonly used as fireplace inserts and indoor heaters, also come in the form of outdoor oven systems. These units operate off of water-based heating systems that directly heat in internal living rooms. Outdoor wood burning stoves use a heat exchange device that can work with both the foot panel and forced air heaters.

Outdoor wood burning fireplace stoves provide an alternative method of home heating that complements a home-existing heating system. These outdoor systems consist of a wood burning room surrounded by a water tank or water jacket. The heat generated by the wood burning stove holds the water within a 160 to 180 degree Fahrenheit temperature range. The fire is maintained by a blower mechanism that feeds air into the burner room. When water temperatures reach 180 degrees, the fan goes off and then returns to when the water temperature drops to 160 degrees.

As a water-based heating system, outdoor wood burning fireplace stoves use underground pipes to carry heated water to the home. As long as the burner unit contains useful wood, an outdoor system will burn wood continuously. So hot water supplies remain available for ongoing home heating use. Insulated pipelines help keep water temperatures warm as the water moves underground. More conventional water-based heating systems use baseboard registers or radiators to deliver heat into a home living space.

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