Painted Fireplaces Some Material Decoration

Painted Fireplaces Before And After

Painted Fireplaces – Stone and brick chimneys used to be a hot topic in many homes. Some owners still love this style of the fireplace, but many do not. Removing a stone or brick chimney can be difficult. In addition, the stone chimneys they cover can sometimes be a challenge for homeowners. The easiest and cheapest way to upgrade an obsolete stone or brick fireplace is with paint and a brush. Clean the stone or brick chimney with a damp cloth.

Use the cloth to remove soot and dirt from the surface of the fireplace. Let the fireplace dry completely. Place the covers under the fireplace to protect your floor from the painted fireplaces. Pour a small amount of oil-based primer into a tray. Use a high nap roller and a brush to apply the oil-based primer to the outside area of the fireplace. It is especially important to cover soot areas of the fireplace, or areas that may bleed through the paint.

Let the primer dry by the manufacturer’s instructions. Pour the semi-gloss latex paint in an attempt to paint. Use a high nap roller and a brush to cover the stone or brick chimney with paint. The painted fireplacesā€‹can soak in the stones or bricks so you will probably have to apply two or three coats of paint. Let the paint dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove the covers from the ground.

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