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Portable Outdoor Fireplace – Do you already have everything you need to get the most out of your garden or terrace this summer? In this article, we have shown different proposals to decorate outdoor spaces but we want to go further. Propose chimney practices with which to achieve a more intimate atmosphere in the next outdoor dinners. And we say practices because the following chimneys do not need any type of work or installation, they are portable! Modern and/or rustic.

You will find chimneys of different styles that you can incorporate easily to your terrace, porch or garden. They will help you create a very special atmosphere and make the cooler nights more pleasant. A portable outdoor fireplace is a great option for those who want to have a fireplace in their terrace or garden but do not face the period of works and the large outlay that entails its installation.

Obviously, the decorative power of one and the other is not comparable, but it is an alternative to take into account. There are as you can see in the ideas portable outdoor fireplace of different styles in terms of design, but also different types of food. While nostalgic will prefer traditional wood fireplaces, others will seek clean combustion of bioethanol. Safe and reliable, this type of fireplace provides a controllable and safe flame.

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