Pot Belly Fireplace Antique Style Features

Pot Belly Fireplace Restoration

Pot Belly Fireplace – A chimney can be used as a functional fire feature in your outdoor space, while some use them as garden art or accent pieces on their patio for that Southwestern or rustic look. Chimneys have a long history, not only used as a decorative fashion statement in recent years. Its origins can at least go back to the 16th or 17th century. In some small Mexican villages, chefs tended to use pot belly chimneys to cook vessels, while families gather near chimneys for warmth.

Therefore, they were useful for both cooking and warmth, not only as a fireplace. Basically, a pot belly fireplace is similar to an old-fashioned, wood-burning potbelly stove that is made of cast-iron. In some Eastern European countries, people would like to use a similar type of stove, called a kotao to cook many delicious dishes. Of course, such burner is also wood-burning fireplace. People place large cooking pans on the traditional stove to cook some foods.

Overall design and shape: Is its chimney or funnel too thin or thick? Is it crooked? What are they made of: The traditional pot belly fireplace is made of terracotta or clay. However, modern chimneys are made of other build, like cast clay, steel, cast iron, or copper. Enough space to fit ordinary pieces of wood. If the inner space is smaller, you cannot put in these standard-size pieces of wood but need to chop or just buying chunks, chips or smaller pieces of wood.

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