Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Cozy Atmosphere

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Feature Wall

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace – The wooden shelves on the chimneys create a cozy atmosphere. They give the rooms a rustic look and offer space to place photographs, works of art and Christmas stockings. Save money by placing a wooden ledge in a stone or brick fireplace on your own. Measure the ledge Mark the location you will have over the fireplace. You must drill and screw the holes for the anchor bolts at least 20 inches away from the chimney barrel.

Keep this in mind when deciding the length of the shelf. Buy a table 3 inches thick and with the length you want. Choose one of walnut, mesquite or oak. Measure 20 inches from the top of the chimney opening. That will be the height at which the shelf will go. Mark both holes to place the anchor bolts on each side of the reclaimed wood fireplace. Then, mark the corresponding holes on the 3-inch board.

Drill the holes 2 inches deep to place the anchor bolts with the masonry bit. Drill slowly and then remove all loose material. Fill the holes drilled with silicone glue. Insert the end of the anchor bolts into the holes. They should be well adjusted. Let the glue dry for several hours. Drill holes in the reclaimed wood fireplace by drilling both marks 2 inches deep. Fill the holes with silicone and install the board on the anchor bolts of the chimney.

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