Refinish Fireplace Redecorated Interior

Refinish Fireplace Stone

Refinish Fireplace – In a recently redecorated room, an old dirty brick fireplace look can subtract all the work you have done. Fireplaces can be painted, tiled or stucco finishes being a focal point instead of a monstrosity. Replace or repaint the mantle to achieve the look that suits the room. Vintage shirts that only require a little tender finish are available at salvage yards or buy a new tie either finished or unfinished to look at the entire room together.

Clean the chimney with water if it is not soot-stained. Soot stains require tri-sodium phosphate, a brush, and water to remove. Cover the floor around the refinish fireplace with tarps and plastic to protect the floor. Rub the brickwork, rinse and let it dry. Prime the brick chimney with an oil-based primer and let it dry. There are two ways to paint the brick, the first is to paint the bricks only and leave the grout as it is.

The other is to paint everything with a long plush roller. Choose a semi-gloss paint for easy cleaning. This paint can be oil or latex. Apply a second coat if desired. Clean the brick refinish fireplace and go over the surface of the bricks lightly with a wire brush. Apply the first layer of stucco with a trowel to fill the cracks in the bricks and cement. Make this layer as smooth as possible.

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