Removing Soot White Painted Brick Fireplace

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White Painted Brick Fireplace – Most of the time, it is not a real problem removing the soot from a brick chimney. All you need is a chemical cleaner and a thick brush. However, when the brick chimney is painted, great care must be taken or it is likely to damage the finish, or at a minimum, cause some discoloration. More often than not, people get too aggressive when it comes to removing soot stains from a painted fireplace. This often results in the entire chimney you have to repaint.

If it is necessary to remove the soot from a white painted brick fireplace, there are some techniques you can use that can save you from having to recover the entire surface with a new coat of primer and paint. Press the molding dough of children or play dough against the soot stain, and then pull the dough away. Part of the soot should be removed. Repeat until all the soot has been removed. If this does not work, use dish soap and warm water.

Mix ordinary dish soap with warm water. Use a thick brush to apply soapy water to the soot stain. Scrub in a circular movement counterclockwise. Rinse the surface with a damp cloth. Keep on with next step if the soot rest in the white painted brick fireplace. Mix the white vinegar with water (1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water).

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