River Rock Fireplace Option Decoration

River Rock Fireplace Refacing

River Rock Fireplace – Few sensations are as comfortable and cozy as having a fireplace in your house to warm on cold winter days. The chimneys, which once were also used for cooking, have become a decorative element of the home and we find many models of very different sizes and materials. In particular, the natural river rock chimneys are fantastic because they bring elegance and rotundity to a room, giving it a very personal and different touch.

When choosing the type of river rock we are going to use for our fireplace we must take into account not only the aesthetic aspects but also its composition. The material that we choose will have to withstand the high temperatures. The river rock fireplace for the chimney should be of a medium hardness, hard or very hard materials will not break with the thermal shocks and dilatations, nor will the very soft ones resist the heat, they are porous and degrade quickly.

As important as the composition of the river rock fireplace is also the method we choose for its placement and the cement we use as this will avoid risks of detachment. If the quality of the material is the basis for a good result, the second determining point is the tolerance and the adjustment of the river rock in their installation. The tolerance must not exceed + -2mm. in measures and squares and we must avoid swelling together paying close attention to the measures and retouching.

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