Small Outdoor Fireplace Designing Patio Area

Small Outdoor Fireplace Planning

Small Outdoor Fireplace – An outdoor fireplace is an elegant patio feature that will increase the value of your home and offer a warm place to relax on cold nights. A design plan allows you to consider the cost of construction, materials, and specifications that you will have to do in order to add a chimney to your deck space. Take a picture of your existing deck or area that you intend to build both the deck and outdoor fireplace.

If possible, take a picture of the area above taking a picture of a window or from the roof of your house. If you are building the small outdoor fireplace on or near an existing deck, clean the deck space. Upload the photo and print a copy for use in drawing your final design. Measure and draw the existing cover on graph paper, using each block to represent feet and 1 square of the cover. If there is no cover, remove the desired size.

Decide on the location of the outdoor fireplace that is a safe distance from the house; For example, locating the 20-foot small outdoor fireplace from the outside of your home gives you a better chance of stopping the fire before it reaches the house. Consider the fireplace design and dimensions and where the fireplace works best and draw it on graph paper. Determine if the location you choose is affordable and fits your expectations.

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