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Reface Brick Fireplace Contemporary

Reface Brick Fireplace – When in view of that you rectify your brick fireplace, you have a count of choice. Red brick can be covered with concrete, tile, or paint. Refacing your brick fireplace with stone, tile or drywall is a complicated project and may require a contractor. Before going at the expense of the other options, consider painting. Painting can give your new brick life quickly and with minimal effort.

If you do not like the result, you can always hire a contractor to help you with the other refacing options. Remove excess mortar with a hand brush. Put a towel under the bricks to trap the dust that will be produced by the washing. Closeup of the reface brick fireplace with a masonry primer. First will prevent the red in the brick from bleeding through the paint. It will also reduce the amount of paint you need. Brick quickly absorbs the paint.

Apply the primer, with a roller and a good quality brush. Apply primer to the faces of the reface brick fireplace, using a roller first, and then to the mortar with a brush. You may have two coats of primer. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the next one. Apply paint to the face of each brick, using a roller inch. Apply one or two coats of paint. Step back frequently to make sure you are not missing points.

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