Some Treatment For Whitewash Stone Fireplace

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Whitewash Stone Fireplace – The whitestone is a beautiful medium for a fireplace, but it certainly shows dirt more quickly than virtually any other facade. The best way to keep your sparkling white stone fireplace while preserving its natural beauty is to use environmentally responsible cleaning resources. During the winter when the fireplace is always used, cleaning once a week routine so that the soot does not accumulate and permanently stain the vision.

Sweep off the fireplace. Using a simple hand broom, make sure all dirt, soot and debris are removed. Scrub the fireplace. Spray the chimney with the cleaning solution. Then rub the whitewash stone fireplace and any exposed mortar with the brush. Use firm pressure and circular movements. The soot must rise in the scrubbing and clear the stone thanks to vinegar. However, any natural colorant on the stone does not bleach out. Wipe down the fireplace with a combination of lemon juice and hot water.

You can mix this in the same spray bottle after emptying the vinegar solution. This will help the lesson smell the vinegar and clear the whitewash stone fireplace more. Simply spray the mixture over the fireplace, then wipe with a damp cloth. Dry the fireplace with a dry and clean cloth. While you may not be able to remove moisture from the fireplace, you need to get as much as possible from the stone. This will prevent sitting or permanent moisture creating mold problems later on.

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