Stone Veneer Fireplace: Install Stone Veneer On Fireplace

Thin Natural Stone Veneer Fireplace

Stone veneer fireplace – The fireplace must be thoroughly clean before you start laying stone veneer. Bring a brush, water and soap and use these to clean the fireplace. After cleaning, rinse completely with clean water and dry properly using cloths. When the fireplace is dry you can now start mixing stone veneer mortar in a bucket. Follow the instructions on the stone veneer mortar package on how to do this.

Stone veneer mortar is used to attach stone veneers to the surface where you want to lay them. It’s like using cement when laying tiles. Get your trowel and apply some of the mixed stone veneer mortar to the bricks. The application should only be a thin layer. Be sure to cover the entire brick and smooth layers so that the bricks will not show when you put stone veneers. Put finer stones on the thin layer of mixed stone veneer mortar to cover the entire stove. Be sure to check if the mixed stone veneer fireplace mortar because it gets tough.

If it gets tough, you have to throw the mixture and mix another package on the bucket. Use a rubber hammer to gently press the stone veneer to secure properly on your fireplace. Apply the mixed stone veneer mortar and stone veneer until you cover the entire area of ​​the fireplace where you want to add stone veneer. Let the mixed stone veneer mortar, which you use in the fireplace dry. When dry, use your fireplace with its new look. And your new stone veneer fireplace ready to relax.

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