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Suspended Fireplace Modern

Suspended Fireplace – In recent years, new ideas have been coming up regarding the heat inside the home, such as the designer radiators hidden behind a decorative figure. An idea that is revolutionizing this aspect is the suspended chimneys: they are modern, technologically advanced and, above all, attractive. An elegant design that invites you to sit around with friends or family and enjoy the fire on a cold winter night.

The chimney escapes from its classic position against the wall to occupy a place in the center of the room. There are already several firms that are designing different models of these novel chimneys. Another French firm, this time Focus, brings us different designs for this suspended fireplace. His model filiofocus telescope has 86 kg of weight but with a mechanism to facilitate its mobility. A steel plate where the wood is deposited must be placed under the chimney (there would also be the option of using gas).

The drop is the Antrax proposal, designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini. Its design is somewhat different from what we have seen so far, rather it seems a mouth more than a meter and a half wide, suspended fireplace and with fire inside. Under the influence of a style that defends the “open space”, this fireplace is open on three sides. It includes the representation of the avant-garde movement in Italian design.

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