Tips Choosing Fireplace Glass Rocks

Gas Fire Pit Glass Rocks

Fireplace Glass Rocks – Obviously, when we talk about a glass for fireplace we refer to any glass. It is a glass-ceramic glass, capable of resisting high temperatures in a constant way without being altered since otherwise the efficiency of the door would be lost. Chimney crystals hold more than 500 ºC constantly, reaching peaks of almost 800 without problems.

Another feature of the fireplace glass rocks is its transparency. Despite its treatment of fire, the interior of the fireplace is seen with absolute clarity, as if there was nothing ahead. This allows you to enjoy the warm and welcoming image that a lit fireplace offers, without the inconveniences of this, such as the loss of heat or waste that can stain elements of the interior of the room. In this sense, it is also an advantage to install a chimney glass in the door.

The cleaning is very simple since the glass is cleaned in the same way as it is done with any other. With a damp cloth, you can remove the remains of ash even when hot. In cold, you can use a window cleaner and a soft cloth to leave the door in perfect condition. The installation of the fireplace glass rocks in a fireplace has numerous advantages. The first is energy efficiency since heat is distributed evenly throughout the room and the loss is much less than that of an open fireplace.

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