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Travertine Fireplace – Travertine tile is a type of stone that looks like marble and usually comes in large pieces of ceramic. The tiles are durable and heat resistant, making them a good choice for the fireplace surrounds. Installing travertine tiles around the opening of the fireplace is very similar to installing a tile wall in other places in the home. Then make sure the grout heals properly before lighting a fire.

Cover a large sheet of white paper art over the chimney opening and locate the inner hole and the outer perimeter of the chimney above it with a pencil to create a template for where the tiles go. Place the template on the floor and put the travertine fireplace on it as you want to install. Mark the edges of any tiles that must be cut using a pencil. Cut the tiles by placing them in a tile cutting tool and lowering the blade to divide them.

Open a mortar and pestle. Pre-mixed mortar and 1 tablespoon with a trowel. Smoothing the mortar over the surface of the travertine fireplace to the present bricks or stone is completely covered. Allow the mortar to dry for 24 hours. Open mortar tub and insert a notched trowel to scoop over 1/2 cup. Start at the top center of the chimney and smooth the mortar over it a 1/4 inch thick layer.

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