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Ideas To Cover Fireplace Opening

Unused Fireplace Ideas – We tend to think of the chimneys in a romantic way, the cold outside and us by the fire in the fireplace warming our hands and our frozen body. But this is not always the case, sometimes the chimney is not operative for various reasons or the habit of lighting it has simply been lost. Because let’s face it, when a fireplace does not work perfectly, it’s a source of smoke and bad smells.

As a place to store wine, it is an interesting option. When you do not know where to store the wine bottles, that whole is a good place. You can even install a small refrigerator cabinet and store the wine in ideal conditions. So the unused fireplace ideas will continue to be a source of heat for us, the interior warmth that gives us a glass of good red wine.

For small houses with storage problems, turning the fireplace into a shelf is a good option. We can fit a piece of furniture made to measure and if we line the background with wallpaper to match the room we will have a very interesting storage space. This other storage space is for reading enthusiasts who no longer know where to store their books. Many books fit in the unused fireplace ideas. In the example, they have been arranged in a decorative and practical way.

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