Vintage Fireplace Mantel Traditional Decoration

Old Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Vintage Fireplace Mantel – For a traditional fireplace mantel, choose a collection of materials that use the “Three plus one” design method. Select the elements artwork, photos, and assembled collectibles – that reflect the colors and style used throughout the room, as well as the personality of the homeowner. The “Three plus one” method of decoration consists of balancing a screen with a small collection of items and a large piece, according to some website.

Over the fireplace or on the vintage fireplace mantel, place a large item in the fireplace. The center and a smaller collection of three elements on one side. The items must vary in height and design but must be linked through a common element, such as a collection of candlesticks. For a more traditional atmosphere, a large mirror with a frame or vintage piece of art fits nicely with the decor, architecture, and feel of the fireplace.

Pair this with a collection of small vases on the vintage fireplace mantel and fresh flowers. Another idea is to hang ceramics and vintage dishes on top of the fireplace using plate hangers. In addition, the mix of contemporary, traditional and whimsical design on the hanging textiles framed and mounted paired with collectibles that reflect the colors of the room. Many people hang a mirror or a great work of art on the fireplace.

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