Wood Fireplace Surrounds Decoration Option

Wood Fireplace Surrounds Ideas

Wood Fireplace Surrounds – Homeowners often choose to make a fireplace in the focal point of a living room or bedroom, as it instantly adds warmth and charm to space. However, selecting the right materials for your fireplace surround can make all the difference in the look of your room, giving it a classic look or a more modern look, depending on the type of envelope you choose. Decorate yours with an envelope that adapts to your general design of the room.

Cover a brick ledge with wood fireplace surrounds of a design that can be subtle or bold or embellish a simple plaster ledge with glass or stainless steel mosaic tiles to make a contemporary ring that stands out. One of the most traditional options for a fireplace ring is wood. Many different kinds of wood can be used to build an attractive, enveloping, classic style, including cherry, oak, poplar, maple, and pine. For a more rustic, natural fireplace ring, birch wood may be a better option.

Wood fireplace surrounds can also be carved so they feature intricate detailing work that creates a really unusual look for the fireplace. Molding can also be added to a wooden envelope to give it a more detailed look. Traditional wood fireplaces also allow a viewing area for photographs, vases and other objects that the owners want to highlight. Wood surround fireplace is generally less expensive than tiles, stone or other materials, so they are a good option for low budget homeowners.

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